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"How has Houston survived without BooTown's monthly "Grown-up Storytime" comedy bash?"
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Grown-up Storytime 65…TONIGHT!


My Last Action Feeling – The Final Countdown

Hi everyone! It’s the final week for My Last Action Feeling, our Benshi re-interpretation of Last Action Hero.
Not sure what that is? Read all about it here…

We are closing the run of this show at our home away from home venue, Rudyard’s (2010 Waugh).
The remaining shows are Tuesday 3/25 and Thursday 3/27 at 8pm and Friday 3/28 at 10pm and midnight.
Bring a date! Have a drink! Eat some tots! Play some shuffleboard!
And watch My Last Action Feeeeeeeling.

final flyer

My Last Action Feeling – at The Orange Show!

Week one for My Last Action Feeling was great. Thank you so much to everyone that came out and to the awesome dudes at The Summit. It’s time for our second weekend and we are  finally performing at The Orange Show. It’s such a cool place and a Houston art legend. The Orange Show has been on the BooTown bucket list of venues so we hope you can make it out.

There are a few other reasons why this weekend is special also. First of all, our good friends Hearts of Animals are opening up for us. Mlee Marie heads up this group and you might remember her from the amazing music she put together for our last shadow puppet piece, The Curio Show. She/they are amazing!

Secondly, when it comes to food and drink we have you covered. Saint Arnold beer is free with your ticket purchase (there will be other stuff there also for you non-glutenites and non-drinkers). AND Pi Pizza Truck will be parked outside peddling their delicious pizza slices.

So basically you can have pizza, beer, Hearts of Animals, and My Last Action Feeling all in one night – and all at The Orange Show.

Ticketing for this night is a little different that what we usually do – pre-sale tickets are $15 online right here and $20 at the door.
Doors open at 6pm, Hearts of Animals goes on 7:45/8, and we go on at 9pm.
We hope you come hang out with us!

final flyer

My Last Action Feeling opens this Friday!

Opening week is finally here!! The Summit, our venue for this weekend, is new and super cool and we hope you can make it.

If you are new to the Benshi experience, let us explain! In Japan, Benshi performers memorize Western movies and then reinterpret the story for an Eastern audience. Director Lindsay Burleson and company mix things up by turning the kitschy action flick Last Action Hero into something completely different. This version has all the blood, guts, and comedy of the original with a few more feelings and a pint sized therapist. Oh, and a completely different story arch.

Both the Friday 3/14 and Saturday 3/15 shows start at 8pm but feel free to come a little early and grab a drink and check out the space. On Saturday a talk-back will follow the performance so you can ask us all the questions that have been haunting you but you have been too nervous to ask. Like, “Is it intimidating following in the footsteps of acting greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger? Do you think that Charles Dance’s role in LAH led directly to him getting cast in Game of Thrones? Is it cool to work with Joe Mathlete? (answer, yes). How do you memorize ALL of those lines???”

And here are a few stills from the scene that have been cut, because we love them just as much as you and were very sad to see them go.

arnold as hamlet

red eye being a bad ass

wrecking ball

arnold and tar pit

We hope to see you at one (or more!) of the shows. Find all of the details, including the rest of the performance dates and venues, here.

My Last Action Feeling

The next Benshi show is coming up! More info here.

final flyer


Thanks, everyone!

Hi there. We had a busy couple of months and appreciate all of the support you guys have shown us. From The Curio Show to Grown-up Storytime to our first ever Gala we have been blown away by the amount of people that choose to come to our stuff. We love you! We . . . → Read More: Thanks, everyone!

Grown-up Storytime 63

Hello friends! Thank you to everyone that made it our latest puppet production, The Curio Show. You guys blew us away. But there is no time for breaks or vacations! We are on again tonight for Grown-up Storytime, our 63rd edition. The show starts at 9pm at Rudyard’s and costs $5. We recommend . . . → Read More: Grown-up Storytime 63

Curio Show UPDATE!

The Curio Show has been going so well, and we have our audience members to thank for making such a great turnout. In fact, we are adding an extra showing on Friday to make sure we can fit everyone in! Seating is limited at our new venue (3603 Main Street, in the building . . . → Read More: Curio Show UPDATE!

The Curio Show



The Curio Show fortune teller.

The Curio Show, a shadow puppet production, opens tomorrow (Saturday January 4th) at Rudyard’s.

The show was inspired by co-artistic director Lindsay Burleson’s recent trip to New York where she explored the history and current trend of curiosity cabinets. Cabinets of Curiosities, . . . → Read More: The Curio Show

The Curio Show

It’s coming up! Read more about it here.

And check out these sweet photos.

Much and many thanks to Jeromy Barber and Dave Merson Hess over at Beta for recording our voice overs! Doesn’t Lindsay look beautiful??!!!

Why yes, that . . . → Read More: The Curio Show