Lani and Troy interviews, part 1

The actors of Lani and Troy: When 50 Eggs Aren’t Enough interviewed each other. THIS IS PART ONE OF THOSE INTERVIEWS.

Jonathan Colunga: What is the most overrated song in pop music history?
Emily Hynds: Anything by Journey.

JC: What are the top 3 places you want to see?
EH: Norway, Vancouver, and more of Houston.

JC: What are the best pizza toppings you’ve ever had?
EH: Any pizza with mushrooms. Pepperoni is the shit.

JC: Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?
EH: No.

JC: What is your most recent embarrassing moment?
EH: Falling off of my bike because my shoelace got caught in the pedal.

JC: Is the rent too damn high?
EH: Mine is not.

JC: What did you do last Friday?
EH: I was on route to Boston for 12 hours with Colleen. Spent the night in D.C. and had dinner with Colleen’s mom. We split a bottle of wine. I went to sleep at 9:45.

JC: Count pi to as many places as you can.
EH: 3.14

JC: What is your favorite beer?
EH: Light – Bombshell Blonde, Dark – Newcastle Brown Ale

JC: What was the most you could ever bench press?
EH: 50 lbs.

If you come see the show this FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT or THIS SATURDAY AT 8PM OR 10:30PM then you can ask us any question you want. srsly.

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Author: BooTown

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