Lani and Troy Interviews, Part 3

The actors (and director) of Lani and Troy: When 50 Eggs Aren’t Enough interviewed each other. THIS IS PART THREE OF THOSE INTERVIEWS.

Vanessa: if you had to live in another city which would you choose and why?

Lindsay: Memphis, Tennesse… it is rich with culture but still a little too dirty to become a big touristy place. It just feels like a city with a lot of soul.

V. Would you ever brush your teeth with someone elses toothbrush if you couldn’t find yours?

L: Ummmm….. I have. Don’t judge me! It was my husbands if it makes it any better.

V. If you were forced to get a tattoo of an animal, which animal would it be and where would you put it?

L: I would want something ridiculous like an albino tiger with a unicorn horn riding on a cloud of lighting.

V. which department store would live in for the rest of your life?

L.That toy store in Big… with the giant floor keyboard… or Ikea, I hear their hot-dogs are the jam.

V. If you had to run across America to save your cats life would you?

L:Yes, but I would bitch the entire way.

V How many times have you had your car towed? What was the funds damage?

L: I think 11… it sucks and it seems to happen a lot to me. I would say about 500 bucks in towing storage fees. Luckily a family friend is a tow truck driver so he can help out when stuff breaks down.

V: Can you name three movies Ethan Hawke (Troy) has been in? And which would you date him in?

L:1)Gattaca 2) Before Sunrise 3) Waking Life…. I would probably date him in Waking Life because he is all cool and cartoony but he is playing the character from Before Sunrise …. so let’s go with Before Sunrise.

V. Would you rather draw bugs bunny or Marvin the Martian?

L:Marvin.. . he has the awesome Roman warrior garb kickin.

V: Have you ever made a mix tape to win back a boyfriend/girlfriend? did you whisper sweet nothings on said tape?

L: I was never cool enough to make a mix tape… but I did receive one. It was more like – hey your musical taste sucks so listen to these bands and if you like them… I might date you. Oh high school.

V. If you had to take a picture of one of your body parts which would it be and why?

L: Toes, you could draw little faces on them and make paper scarfs to wrap them in.

The first show is tonight! At midnight! If you come, you can ask us any. question. you. want.

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Author: Emily

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