Blood, sweat, what next?

Dear BooTowners,

Come see CUT DOWN! I think you’ll really like it.

In this era, when sardonicism rules the day, I think you’ll appreciate something earnest (tinged with a hint of bitter irony as it may be). We are nothing if not earnest. A part of my heart is in this show, and I’ve asked my collaborators to contribute nothing less than the same. In rehearsal today, more blood and sweat went into “Cut Down” than I had anticipated (much of it my own, although I daren’t understate the glue-handed sacrifices of my comrades). The tears will come later, I hope, when we have shared something original and special with you.

You have four chances to catch the perfect storm of enthusiasms, imperfections and talents we’ve woven into the story we’re telling. I hope you can make it out. I hope you are somehow moved by our efforts. I hope we can talk about what it all means later.


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Author: BooTown

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