for now…

april is our last storytime of the season! so we are kind of winding down, but also winding UP because it is going to be rad. Stories for this one are due next Tuesday April 12 and they can be about anything. srsly. someone just sent us a story about hemorrhoids. send them to or use the storyformit’sreallycoolandeasypeasy.

while we have you…we have a twitter page. it’s mostly what i use from my phone, so expect some drunk tweets and rando stuff…fun times!

we also have a facebook page (duh) which is a great way to KIT!

aaaaand we are intern shopping for a marketeer. here’s the post about that. we are cool, you should come work for us.

and for fun…the GUST 36 flyer! the guy at the copy shop looked at it and said..woah…you’ve done 36 of these? HECK YES.

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Author: Emily

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