This past season has been amazing. Storytimes saw a surge in attendance, you guys sent us amazing stories, and the readers and hosts and all of the artists involved wowed our socks off. We can’t wait to see how this carries over when we start back in July.

We also had three larger shows that wowed our SHOES off. The first was The Farmer and the Badger, just your typical farmer kills badger/falls in love with rabbit story done in a backyard with slow motion fights and a j-metal soundtrack, you know…whatevs. The second was our first stab at our take on a Benshi show, and we are happy to report that our version of Reality Bites (Lani and Troy: When 50 Eggs Isn’t Enough) was so awesome we are going to do another one with a different movie next season! Our third and final larger show of the season was Cut Down, about two explorers who enter the jungle (what jungle, we’re not sure) never to return. Inside they find friendly natives, strange artifacts, and one of them falls in love with a tree!

Next season is going to be super duper exciting. We start back with storytimes in July and have three larger shows planned that will wow your toenail polish off.  See you in July!!!!!


Jonathan Colunga, a small television, and Philip Hays in CUT DOWN.

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Author: Emily

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