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Today, I had to make a photocopy of my Passport and overnight it to someone. I checked it twice, to make sure it was mine and not my husband’s. Then I said, what does his look like again? (Who the eff’ cares?) and I took his out just to make sure he looked the same in his Passport photo as I remembered him looking… this morning. Yes. He did.

Fast forward and I am making a Photocopy of some papers, get to the Passport and, of course, I put his in my purse and had to turn around and drive all the way home. He looks French in his passport, BTW.

This is an example of a BAD story that no one wants to hear at the next Grown-up Storytime. Howeva’, you probably have waaaay more interesting stories to tell and be heard. Send ’em! Email them, post them on our web form or put them in a carrier pigeon and send it to Emily’s house.

Next Grown-up Storytime is August 16th and you best be there.

Here’s an example of a good story:

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Author: Abby

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