YAY, it’s Friday: Things to do this weekend…

Yay, Friday!

As always, H-town’s got lots going on. It is very hot (no, duh?), so we will try and recommend things that don’t involve going outside for very long periods of time.

Get in your AC’d car and drive to:




Houston Fringe Festival – weekend 2, lots more stuff to see. Two venues, go support!

American Buffalo – Last weekend to hear Mamet go on and on and on…

Starship Troopers at the Alamo Draft House – You’ve never seen this movie, you thought it looked silly, WRONG. It is an existential film for our time.

The Curse and the Jubilee at Domy books – A short film, sure to rock your world.

Breaking Bad – Don’t feel bad about just staying home and watching it with a beer. Someone is totally going to die this week.



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Author: Abby

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