Three Days of Stuffs To Do!

You can’t front on a three-day weekend, nor can you act like you’ve got much to do (really a BBQ, how original and sweaty) Go see some art! Here’s a list of things Bootown’s trying to catch this weekend:

Friday, Sept 2: First Fridays at Inprint!: Check out some poetry courtesy of Sybil Estess and then you can make your own.

Saturday, Sept 3: “Wild Men of Rock” at the Continental should be called “Old Men of Rock That Are Still ‘Effin Awesome, I Can’t Believe They Are Alive,” but that’s probably too long for any listing service.

Sunday, Sept 4: First have some brunch at Ziggy’s and tell them you want bacon in your Bloody Mary. Then, spend a rainy afternoon at the CAMH  for their exhibit “The Spectacular of Vernacular,” because it’s ending soon.

Monday, Sept 5: The weekend is not over yet, but how hung over are you? It’s all going to be okay because there’s a BUFFY MARATHON ON CHILLER TV!!!! (sorry for yelling, forgot you had a headache) Oh, and you’re welcome.

Happy Friday – Here’s the Wild/Old Man of Rock, Archie Bell to Tighten’ it Up

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Author: Abby

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