lame story vs good story

My friend Timothy and I had lunch the  other day. He’s moving to Glasgow in a week and a half so he gets to pick where we go, as he probably won’t eat here for a couple of years. So of course, we went to IHOP. It’s a pretty sad place at 12:30 in the afternoon on a Wednesday, but I got to have bacon so that made up for it. On our receipt it said that on our next visit to bring the receipt back and we could get a free short stack of pancakes. I told Timothy that he had to find someone else to go with him, as I don’t care to go to IHOP more than once every six months, much less twice in two weeks. Plus, I don’t like pancakes.

That’s an example of a story you should NOT send to BooTown for Grown-up Storytime. You probably have way cooler stories. You can submit them online with our storyform…it’s so easy!

Here’s an example of a good story from waaaay back in our first season.

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Author: Emily

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