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Yesterday, I had to take my dog to the vet to get spayed in KATY! She needed to be there all day, so I figured I would work from Starbucks on my computer all day. Katy probably has loads of Starbucks, but I could only find one and it was filled with horrible, loud children eating organic things. So I sat outside, but had no where to plug in my computer so eventually it started to die. When I tried to go inside and plug it in, all the plugs were taken. I got in my car to find another Starbucks, but the only one I could find was in a Randalls! That seemed terribly awkward to me for some reason, but by this point my phone was also dying and I was starved for electricity.

After much debating, I went into Randalls and spent the rest of the day there, plugged into their wall and free wi fi. They did have brown rice sushi as well, so I guess there’s always a silver lining in the form of nasty, supermarket California rolls.

This is an example of a terrible story!

We bet you have a better one, so why not jot it down on Bootown’s handy story submission form and it just might be picked for the next Grown-up Storytime, which happens to be next Tuesday, September 20 at Rudyards!

Here is an example of a good story read by Kalob Martinez at Grown-up Storytime 18

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Author: Abby

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