Susan Lucci Is Having a Case of the Mondays

Susan Lucci is as stoic as her wax figure

Imagine you are Susan Lucci today and you’ve been working on the same soap opera, as the same character, for 41 YEARS?!

And then you wake up this morning and you don’t have to go to work… you have absolutely nothing to do. Some may think this would be party-time/excellent, but I bet she has no freakin’ clue what to do with herself today. I’m guessing, right now, she is sitting around in her bathrobe, on the internet ordering clothing from Chicos under the name of Erica Kane, just so that she will get emails addressed to “Ms. Kane” and telemarketing calls asking if “Erica is available.”

Susan Lucci, get out of the house, there’s a whole world out there!

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Author: Abby

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