Wednesday is Hump Day So Here’s a Video of My Dog?

BooTown loves Wednesdays because they are the “hump day!”

I was digging around to find a video of a Humpback whale because it’s hump day and I thought this would be very clever. Instead, I found lots of videos of Humpback whales singing, probably to save the Earth from a destructive alien probe that only understands Humpback (really? I’m the only one who saw Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home? I doubt that’s true).

Anyway, as I am casually listening to a serenade of oceanly delights, my dog Sadie perks up from her slobberly snooze, with a bizarre reaction. So, naturally I had to get it on video. Do you think Sadie also speaks Humpback? Or maybe all dogs do? Or maybe all dogs are alien probes?

Either way, it’s effin’ Wednesday.

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Author: Abby

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