Weekend Stuffs to Do

It’s Friday! And a cold, and dreary Friday at that. This weather makes it OK to sit on the couch eating the Halloween candy you “bought” for the trick-or-treaters that have never come to your house in the five years that you’ve lived there. (Maybe this year will be the one, though, and then you are really going to need that super-sized bag of Mounds bars.)

Aside from sitting on your couch and getting fat, there are surely a million Halloween-themed activities that require you to dress in revealing clothing and get drunk. Take a break from that sexy-pirate costume and do something wildly different this weekend.

Go see BooTown’s puppet show! BooTown, with our good friend and puppet-master Camella Clements, is presenting three new puppet works, and it opens this Saturday!

There will be blood and Gwar and sand and a mariner – if that doesn’t get your bowels moving, there will also be a cash bar.

Three new works for the puppet stage
Saturday, 8 p.m. at Caroline Collective, 4820 Caroline St.
Pay-What-You-Can after the show

Other than that, we have nothing to suggest you do this weekend.

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Author: Abby

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