Cool story bro

Yesterday I worked at my office job all day, and afterwards intended to go to Slinging Ink, a new storytelling series put on by Diverse Works and held at Big Star Bar which I was super duper excited about. Then I had a nap attack as soon as I got home, missed the whole thing, and woke up at 10pm ready to PARTY. So I cleaned off my work desk and folded some clothes and did some dishes and plucked my eyebrows. Then I went (back) to bed.

That is an example of a LAME story you should not send to us for Grown-up Storytime. I’m sure you can think of something much cooler to tell us about.

Here’s an example of a RAD story from a Grown-up Storytime of yore.

You don’t even have to email us your story, you can submit it online via the BooTown website right here!



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Author: Emily

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