Happy New Year!

The first half of BooTown’s season has been pretty rad, and it’s probably gonna be even rad-er in 2012.

The Grown-up Storytime Series is ever-growing, ever-entertaining, ever-vigilant. We did a puppet show for the first time! And it was actually pretty cool. There are puppets hanging everywhere in my house, but whatever. Now we are gearing up for our second larger show of the season…MIJO. If you like Roadhouse, moustaches, and hi-fives, then you will like this show. OH YEA and XXXMas (bootown’s holiday party) returned at our buds new bar – Double Trouble. Go there, it’s cool.

Jillian VanZelfden and Jerry Mouse do…something weird at GUST 42.

And here’s a photo of a unicorn getting it’s head cut off during the puppet show.



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Author: Emily

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