Happy Hump Day!

We were just chatting with someone the other day about that new (ish) restaurant over by Kirby, Twin Peaks. When the billboard was first put up we got really excited that it was going to be a David Lynch themed joint, complete with apple pie and drinks called Laura Palmers (half ice tea/half blood!), but we were sadly mistaken. It’s just one of those wannabe Hooters places where girls wear no clothing.

Seriously guys, (since BooTown is overwhelmingly fem) is that cool? Is it fun to go eat wings delivered to you by girls with big boobs who would never date you and just want big tips? Is this something that brings dudes in?

It’s OK if you say yes, we are just curious and don’t understand your species sometimes. Maybe you should write a story about it for the next Grown-up Storytime and clue us in.


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Author: Abby

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