Cool story, bro

So the other day I was walking my dog, as I do every day, and she stopped to sniff around, as she does every five seconds or so. I thought nothing of it and we continued on our walk, until I saw her chewing on something. She does like to eat grass, but this was different. It was making a crunching sound and I became concerned that she was maybe chewing on a rock, as she sometimes does. I scolded her and pried her mouth open and removed the “rock” with my hand. It wasn’t a rock. It was cat crap. I touched it with my bare hands and couldn’t even wash them because we were on a walk and I had like a mile and a half until we were home. The end.

That is an example of a LAME story that you should NOT send for the return of Grown-up Storytime. We are sure you have much cooler things happen to you. You should write about them and then send it in. You can email stories to or you can even submit them online right here. Stories for GUST 45 are due May 8.

The next GUST is Tuesday May 15 at Rudyard’s British Pub, where you can also order tots. The show starts at 9pm and costs $5.

Here is an example of a good story to get you in the mood.

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Author: Emily

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