Five Creepy Puppets

We just closed Love in the Time of Lasers and are kind of bummed.  Now that we are on a two month break, google searching “weird puppets” has been keeping us occupied.  We thought we’d share some of our discoveries.

1)  “Stinky Baby”

At first, we were super creeped out by the puppet…. but now I want to know who taped the fairy nip?


2. “Michael Jackson

Don’t let this one near “Stinky Baby.”

3. Flickr find

What did this guy eat?

4. Look its Greta, bro!

For only $250 buckaroooos “LIFE SIZED” Greta can be your new friend!  Let’s get weird y’all.  Actually…. let’s not.

Gremlins Greta Female Gremlin Life-Size Stunt Puppet Replica

 5. Potty puppet

WHO WOULD MAKE THIS?!?!  Finger toilet paper puppets.  Nothing could go wrong.

toilet paper puppet 300x224 A Tampon, Poo, or a Puppet? You Decide

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Author: lindsay

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