Pop up Shows

Arts and Culture Texas Magazine just published Performania: In Praise of Pop ups …and we are in it! We love short term planning and it’s nice to see it get some recognition. Go give it a read!

“Lindsay Burleson and Emily Hynds of Bootown may very well be the pop up divas of Houston theater. Shows emerge on their schedule quickly. They fully embrace a more rough-hewn aesthetic. “Our use of non-traditional venues dictates a pop up nature also,” says Hynds. “We challenge ourselves to experiment with new places—and sometimes that means we can’t do a show exactly when we want to. It’s also nice to have flexibility. If we need to postpone, we can do that. If pop-up shows equal less audience for us, I am okay with that. Puppets looks better up close, anyway.”

Burleson brings it back to the work. “Sometime inspiration hits and a show can be formed within two months. Always giving ourselves the option to create in a pop-up format has taken some of that scheduling strain off of us and lets us just focus on the art.”

And speaking of short term planning…you still have two days to submit to Grown-up Storytime 75. You can do it via the online form or by emailing Do it!


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Author: Emily

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