Turtle Turtle Opens Tonight!

The last show of our 2012-13 season (also our sixth season, jesus) opens tonight. It’s called Turtle Turtle and it’s a shadow puppet show about…a turtle. But seriously, a pet turtle escapes and makes his way to the attic where he meets new friends, has adventures, AND MORE!!!

These people made/will . . . → Read More: Turtle Turtle Opens Tonight!

Weekend Stuffs to Do

It’s Friday! And a cold, and dreary Friday at that. This weather makes it OK to sit on the couch eating the Halloween candy you “bought” for the trick-or-treaters that have never come to your house in the five years that you’ve lived there. (Maybe this year will be the one, though, and then you . . . → Read More: Weekend Stuffs to Do

These Puppets Are Having a Case of the Mondays

Wow, this is an insane puppet show! Are we crazy, or is Punch raping Judy? Children in the 50s were real sadists. This is, however, not the MOST insane puppet show you will see this week. BooTown’s upcoming puppet show, with Camella Clements, opens this Saturday, and it will be bloodier than any . . . → Read More: These Puppets Are Having a Case of the Mondays

Check out our IndieGoGo Campaign!

We are trying out something new…and it’s called IndieGoGo. IndieGoGo is an easy online platform for anybody in the world to raise more money, from more people, fast. It’s a pretty cool service, and we decided to set up a campaign for the puppet shows.

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