Love Isn’t Real and We All Die Alone

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It’s spring. Flowers are blooming. Love is in the air. And BooTown is all like: “fuck that.”

In Japan, Benshi performers memorize Western movies and then interpret the story for an Eastern audience as the film screens. BooTown borrows this idea, but rearranges a film’s plot and has actors provide new dialogue.

For Love Isn’t Real and We All Die Alone, we are capsizing Overboard, everyone’s favorite 80s Stockholm-love-story starring Goldie Hawn as a wealthy diva who is kidnapped and forced into playing housewife for a disgruntled carpenter (Kurt Russell). In BooTown’s version Hawn and Russel’s characters start out as happily married, but things start to take … a dive, if you will. (You love us.)

“Our version is basically the movie told backwards and with a tragic ending,” said BooTown’s co-artistic director Emily Hynds, who is also directing Love Isn’t Real and We All Die Alone. “This remixed flick explores ideas of love, loyalty, trust, and betrayal – just in time for summer!”

Love Isn’t Real and We All Die Alone features a crew of favorites from past Benshi and Neo Benshi performances including BooTown co-artistic director Lindsay Burleson, Antoine Culbreath, Conner Clifton, and Dusti Rhodes with a live soundtrack provided by Joe Folladori. Love Isn’t Real and We All Die Alone is edited by our magical video wizard, Austin Havican.

Admission is pay-what-you-can with a suggested donation of $10. 

Thursday May 12, 8pm
Grand Prize Bar
(this show is also Emily’s bday party, what what)

Saturday May 14, 8pm
College Park Memorial Cemetery
3525 West Dallas Street
BYOB / BYOCHAIR / BYOBLANKET (you get the idea)

Saturday May 21, 10pm
BETA Theater

Tuesday May 24, 8:30pm
The Continental Club, Houston, TX

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